The word Retreat means to withdraw. These yoga and meditation retreats are an opportunity for you to withdraw from your every day life and recharge, replenish, and re-balance your body, mind and soul. Imagine making time a few times a year just to be with yourself, to focus on you, and to make yourself the priority. Making this time for yourself allows you to go back to your life more fulfilled and clear, more healthy and strong. This means you function better at work and/or at home. Your relationships are better and easier. Your energy level increases, allowing you to feel like you can conquer the world. Not only do you deserve it, but you need it. Your health and well being depend on it.

Upcoming Retreats:

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"Krista is my favorite and ‘original’ yogi.“

“She is extremely patient and kind. I love her style AND her sense of humor! I've been to her classes and mini-retreats for many years and I can always count on every event she has to be fantastic. If you have any misunderstanding about what meditation is, Krista can help you.

Before working with Krista I struggled with not knowing how to meditate and was hesitant about being "out of shape" and not being able to "do" yoga. Even after several injuries, Krista has taught me how to listen to my body and adapt accordingly.

One of the most wonderful parts of learning meditation at Krista's retreat was trying different ways to meditate including walking in silence, and eating in silence. It showed me how many times throughout my day I am talking, talking, talking and not listening. And it surprised me how much I actually liked to be silent once I gave it a try.

After years of trying to meditate on my own, Krista's retreat has taught me that meditation is really not getting completely still or being totally's OK if my mind wanders ... just come back to your breath! I KNOW everything I do with Krista is worth the investment!”

- Georgia Turner, Ormand Beach