Welcome to Your Virtual Yoga Studio

I created this virtual studio full of home yoga practices that you can do in the comfort of your own home in case you are traveling or snowbirding. Hope it helps! Here’s my welcome message:

Golden Seed Flow

This is an enjoyable, opening, freeing practice to help open the hips and free the mind. Allow yourself to feel free when practicing. Let go and surrender.

Gentle Chair Yoga

Enjoy this gentle yoga practice that you can use whether you are new to yoga, uncomfortable going to the floor, or looking for a change or rehabilitating from injury or illness. This practice is for everyone and can be used almost anywhere.

Standing Chair Yoga Flow

This video is a chair yoga practice of standing postures using the chair as a prop. You don't need to come to the floor at all. Good practice for an office break or when your on the go. Remember to breath and make modifications wherever you need to.

Hip Opening Full Length Practice

This is a home practice you can use to help open the hips. There are a lot of good hip opening postures in this video. It's only about 20 minutes so enjoy.

The Lord’s Prayer and the Sun Salutation

The Lord's Prayer can be recited beautifully while practicing the Sun Salutation. The act of praying while moving is very powerful and brings deeper meaning to both the prayer and the movement. Even if you are not used to or comfortable with the Lord's Prayer, you can replace this prayer with any words that speak to you.

The Master Cleanser

With the encouragement from a friend, I decided to do the Master Cleanser otherwise known as the Lemonade Diet. I share my journey on this 10 day cleanse.

Self Care Foot Massage

This video guides you through a short exercise of taking care of your feet. This self care is known to relieve foot pain such as plantar fasciitis and heel spurs as well as other challenges in the entire leg.

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