Align Your Body, Align Your Life!

A Yoga & Self-Care Training Program For Women

Have you ever thought about doing a yoga teacher training program because you want to go deeper in your practice and take better care of yourself, but have no interest in being a teacher?

You've spent years of your life juggling many hats, prioritizing yourself last.

Is This You?
Super Mom.
#1 Fan.

You know that you are more than the roles you've been playing.

You know you've "got to put your oxygen mask on first".

But how? 
Where to start?

You've tried taking yoga classes or fitness classes or even dance class to make time for yourself, and although you see familiar faces, there's no real community or structure to deepen connections through meaningful conversations and sharing. 

And on top of that, day in and day out, you can't help but be reminded of the changes in your body that are happening over time. You look in the mirror and at times don't even recognize yourself or your life. How did it all change so quickly? Body aches, mobility, and staying active can be frustrating, embarrassing and sometimes even scary to deal with.

You know it's important to make sure you are getting enough movement and exercise so you can stay active for years to come, but worry that with age it will get harder.

You've been looking for ways to improve your physical and emotional health and and are anxious that the wrong physical activity could hurt you or making previous injuries worse.

Not having a regular routine has you desiring deeper connections and friendships to support creating positive, healthy daily structure with ease and joy for your life. But everyone is just so busy nowadays, it can be hard get into a rhythm with people...

If any of this sounds familiar, you could probably use support to:

• Create some regular scheduling for yourself that includes physical exercise, mental engagement, and spiritual relaxation

• Have meaningful conversations and connection with people on a regular basis as a foundation for easy, new, and lasting friendships

• Renew your whole sense of well-being so you feel more flexible, less sore, have better posture and are stronger in your body

Learn yoga practices that support your exact body type, so you can be confident in everyday activities and have less worry about getting hurt

 Learn meditation and breathwork exercises that allows you to stay calm and peaceful by getting deeper in tune with yourself and your intuition.

“I had chronic pain in my back and hips but after taking this course, my back and hips are stronger, more flexible, and I have less pain.”

“In this training, I learned so much more than just yoga postures. This course has helped me physically, mentally, and emotionally. I am on less medication than I was 8 weeks ago. I learned to appreciate myself as a person and clearly define what kind of person I want to be. I am a happier and more positive person. Krista’s Yoga program was an eye-opening and invaluable experience. I recommend it to anyone who would like to learn more about yoga, more about themselves, and want to improve their life."

-Natalie Shimonek, Stay at Home Mom of 3, Port Orange

Ready to learn how to experience and maintain Ageless Health?


My Name Is Krista Oakes.

I specialize in working with beginners and teaching gentler yoga classes where the focus is on safety, proper body alignment, mindfulness and learning to trust yourself - even if you're new to yoga.

I love supporting women and seeing their strength and confidence return in our work together!  I'm an Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher (E-RYT) who started my journey to yoga over 17 years ago. I've taught classes and workshops to thousands of people throughout the east coast. My approach integrates the Kripalu Yoga style of teaching compassion, integrated with the mindfulness of meditation, and the awareness of nutrition, blended with personal training and lifestyle coaching.

This Align Your Body, Align Your Life Program for women integrates all of my favorite teachings into a group program that will support your mind, body, spirit to deepen your physical and spiritual connection with a community of new friends.

You will feel safe and confident in your body, while learning the philosophy of yoga, how to work with the subtle energy centers in the body and simple mindfulness and meditation practices for more peace, joy, and ease in life.

“Although I have done yoga before, I now feel I have a much better grasp of the technique and meaning behind many of the poses.”

“I have been doing yoga for over 20 years and no one compares to Krista!  She has extraordinary gifts of creating a class of peace, love and healing.  The benefits carry into my everyday life!  Yoga with Krista includes mind, body and soul which contributes to overall wholeness and holiness!  Those on a journey of wellness will find time with Krista will make a huge difference!

-Trish Murphy, Retired Teacher, Daytona Beach

I Am So Excited To Invite You To
"Align Your Body, Align Your Life"

Imagine having regular time for yourself and scheduled self care. How would life be different if you had more energy, flexibility and strength in your body for years to come? How will having deep local friendship bonds from the incredible women in this program support you right now? What would your life be like if you had a safe, nurturing environment to learn more about yourself through a personalized yoga and meditation practice? Imagine what your life would be like if you learned to take this time to put yourself first…


"Align Your Body, Align Your Life"

Is A 6-Month Yoga and Self Care Training Program For Women

Here’s What You Will Learn In The Classes Each Month:

SPIRIT FOCUS MODULE: Finding Bliss - Practical Yoga and Guide for Healthy Living
Tuesdays 10:30a-12:30p, October 15th - December 10th 2019

This module will continue with the basic yoga practices from the previous months with more time carved out for classroom learning and discussion as we explore the Philosophy and Lifestyle choices that complete the physical practice of yoga.

• Learn the spiritual philosophy of yoga as a guide on how to live and how to interact with others to be content in any situation, no matter how bad it seems.

• Discover tools to have more kind compassion towards others and yourself

• Cultivate your energy so that you experience greater creativity.

• Learn ancient yogi practices for simple body cleansing, mind clearing and space decluttering to keep the mind feeling calm and peaceful.  

• Learn options to support a mindful eating practice with guidance on approaches to a balanced, healthy diet.

• Explore and understand your own personal spiritual beliefs.

• Have a deeper, truer understanding of yoga and the philosophy behind the practice so that you have more meaning and intention with your personal yoga practice.

To get even more information about this individual specific 8 week session or to register click here!

"Thanks so much for offering this course. It was a great way to take time out of my busy life for myself.”


“One of the highlights of the course was the opportunity to connect with different women of different ages and life perspectives. I could feel the encouragements as well as the kindness in the room. Especially from Krista. I am happy I treated myself to the course and look forward to more classes with Krista.

- Trish Robart, teacher and mother of 2 teenagers living in Port Orange

BODY FOCUS MODULE: Proper Yoga Poses For Your Body Type
Tuesdays 10:30a-12:30p, January 14th - March 3rd 2020

This module will do a deep dive into each of the foundational yoga postures including:

• Standing postures and the basics of breath so that your body begins to feel stronger and your mind less cluttered.

• Movements of the spine and pelvis that open the center of the body so you can perform everyday activities safely.

• Heart opening postures that will increase your stability & allow for love to flow easily and abundantly from you

• Standing postures that strengthen the lower body to help you stay mobile and active while gaining more confidence and maintaining independence in your life.

• Gentle Hip stretches to increase balance so that you have greater agility. This prevents falls as well as releases tension that get stored in the body.

• Floor postures that help improve nervous, digestive, and immune systems of the body.

• Learn to put it all together into a complete Sun Salutation, with the proper alignment and adjustments to your body type and needs so that you can safely and confidently practice yoga on a regular basis to enhance your life for years to come!

To get even more information about this individual specific 8 week session or to register click here!

"This was my first in-depth study of yoga. The class exceeded my expectations in all areas of focus. My postures feel more balanced and secure.”

Christy Nunn2.jpg

“ Meditation, in numerous beneficial forms, was explored and incorporated. I especially looked forward to and enjoyed the sharing and discussion part of class. Honesty and courage required! Yoga is a perfect embodiment of the expression that states the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Thank you, Krista, for creating the opportunity."

-Christy Nunn, Retired Nurse, Port Orange


MIND FOCUS MODULE: Wheels of Life - Yoga for Balancing the Energy of Your Body
Tuesdays 10:30a-12:30p, March 31 - May 19, 2020

This module will continue with the basic yoga practices from the previous months with more time carved out for classroom learning and discussion as we explore the subtle Chakra Energy Centers that help to balance emotional with the physical practice of yoga.

• Learn Heart opening exercises to help break down walls and barriers around love for ourselves and others so that we can have healthier relationships

• Get tools to communicate even more effectively in speaking your truth so that you can experience more happiness and peace of mind.

• Cultivate your intuition so that it is available to you as a source of guidance and knowledge when you most need it.

• Establish a regular meditation practice so that you can spend more time enjoying the present moment

• Learn to grow your confidence naturally to allow you to manage anything that life throws your way.

To get even more information about this individual specific 8 week session or to register click here!

“I felt wanted and accepted and had a good sense of belonging in the class. The course was so well balanced and the postures made me feel empowered and happy.”

Marion Foo.jpg

“It promotes togetherness rather than isolation which was very important to me especially as a beginner.  Krista consistently & spontaneously tailored the class to meet our needs.  That is LOVE, and very much appreciated and I will never want another instructor.  I strongly feel that without yoga, and Krista, I would still be stuck in the difficult circumstances of my life.”

-Marion Foo, South Daytona


The Align Your Body, Align Your Life!

Yoga & Self Care Training Program For Women Includes:

• The Three 8-week course classes listed above (with time off and breaks in between sessions)

• Educational class training on the basics of yoga, with everything you need to have a personal yoga practice

• Knowledge of how to safely practice the basic postures of yoga, no matter what your body type or injuries

• A 30 class yoga pass to be used as it fits your schedule to support you in developing your personal yoga practice during the program

• Three private 1-hour sessions with me (click here to see ways to get customized support)

• 10% off yoga retreats during the program

• Lasting connections and friendships through this shared experience

• A self-care routine to help you maintain your own personal practice.

"The experience for me of sharing this with other women was that I'm not alone with certain issues”.

“We all always think the grass is greener on the other side and people don't really have any issues but you learn that we’re women and everybody struggles with a little something and being able to share openly as much as you or as little as you want and being validated in a sense and knowing hey I'm not alone and we all try to do the best we can every day. That has helped me a lot. Having a common goal of yoga just had a certain special intimacy that that was just wonderful and relaxing.”

-Claudia Soulie, New Smyrna Beach Fire Department

Here’s The Health Investment For This Program:

Yoga is about more than just postures, it is a way of life that provides guidance and direction when we feel lost and overwhelmed. In these programs, you will discover yoga as a valuable resource and a wealth of knowledge about how to become healthier, happier and live a rich and fulfilling life.

To celebrate the this new yoga program I'm offering all of this at an incredibly discounted rate of only $999 for the full 6 month program. What better gift can you give yourself than your health and happiness? Space is limited to 10 women.

Ready To Make New Friends And Grow Your Health & Happiness For Years To Come?

Click here now to register. Don't wait to secure your spot! Save $25 by registering before October 4th, 2019.

If you have questions feel free to call me today to see if this is a good fit for you, 386-243-0440.

YOGA SCHOOL GRADUATES of this program can retake the program at 50% discount when space is available. (Training classes only) Contact Krista directly to register.